Established in 1983 by Peter Smith our Senior Partner and training consultant. London Management Consultants provides sales and management training for leading national and multinational companies throughout the UK, North America, Asia, Australia and most European countries. 

With in-depth experience of working in many different market sectors, including finance, PR, Design, I.T. and Engineering, our main focus is on people handling skills, leadership and team effectiveness. We also train other consultancies to sell their services. 

We are committed to objective measurement, which tests and validates the training we give. Our philosophy is that... “if you cannot measure it you cannot manage it”.

Your personality and style are unique qualities to be treasured; we help you develop your full potential, focusing on the quality of what you do and how you do it. As an individual you draw on three key elements for your success and effectiveness, skill, activity and knowledge. We measure your effectiveness in these areas and provide you with feedback and a programme for change where necessary.

Our aim is to help you and those you work with be happy, motivated and successful. 

The Jaws® programmes are just what they say, Just another way of... they are more practical then theoretical and have been described as the hand to hand combat skills of every day life.

Why Jaws®? These courses give you a range of knowledge and skills to do your job - selling, negotiating, presenting, communicating and being a team member. Jaws® lets you choose the most appropriate course for your individual needs. 

Our Audit Process enables our clients to have an objective evaluation of how persuasive and professional they are in all aspects of customer facing skills. This empowers us to develop the correct training programme to help achieve the required objectives. Our process of analysing key ratios ensures we deliver cost effective training.

Training is not a luxury; it is a necessity for survival in the changing environment we now live in. By pursuing the Jaws philosophy you will become wealthier for the experience.